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Our Industry

Borsheims has long worked to ensure the integrity of the jewelry industry world-wide. By working with suppliers, governments, regulating bodies and other retailers, Borsheims has helped to bring strength and honesty to the diamond and gemstone industry.


Borsheims has long been active in the supply chain of the gem and jewelry industries. Borsheims mandates that all of our suppliers ensure their product is from conflict-free sources and mined in the most ethical way possible.

Integrity in our industry has long been associated with Borsheims. During her time at Borsheims, former President & CEO Susan Jacques was a key player in the establishment of the Kimberley Process, a certification system used to stem the flow of conflict diamonds. The Kimberley Process imposes extensive requirements to certify all diamonds shipped through its participants are conflict-free, meaning they have not been used to finance wars against legitimate governments or have aided in human rights abuses.

All of the diamonds and gemstones sold at Borsheims have come through the Kimberley Process. Borsheims requires its suppliers to sign agreements verifying that the stones Borsheims purchases are conflict-free. Borsheims tells its customers about this guarantee on the back of every sales receipt.

Borsheims is proud to help lead the way on conflict-free diamonds and gemstones and will continue working to ensure the integrity of the jewelry industry.

Treatment of Gemstones

Many gemstones are enhanced or treated to make them more beautiful, stronger or clearer. In some stones, the treatments are commonplace.

At Borsheims, we believe our customers should be fully informed about the stones they are purchasing. Borsheims sales associates will be able to detail the treatments found on your particular stone. If you have any questions about the treatment of gemstones, please contact one of our sales associates via email or by calling (800) 642-GIFT.

How Green Are We At Borsheims?

In our 2006 store remodel, we took sustainability to new heights - literally! Our two story glass entrance allows natural light to flood the store, reducing the need for artificial lighting. Our display cases are made of wood from a sustainable forest. We installed an ice-melt system under the sidewalks to reduce the need for salt and sand during the slick winter months. And we recycle all the boxes and packaging material we can. We even take back and recycle our signature Borsheims boxes from customers!

Local Philanthropy

An Omaha institution for more 100 years, Borsheims is proud to give back to the community that has given us so much. Corporate citizenry is part of the fabric of our company and echoes Borsheims’ vision to be part of the special moments in our customers’ lives.It is equally important to be part of the special moments in our community’s life. That is why we are proud to offer support to nonprofits through our Burgundy Benefits program.

Borsheims is also proud to support the philanthropic spirit of our employees by giving preference to organizations at which they are highly involved. When organizations request support from Borsheims, we request that they steward the request through the employee involved.

Borsheims’ commitment to our community has led to more 1500 donations and sponsorships totaling more than $5 million dollars in the past decade alone.

The Burgundy Benefits program gives funding preference to the following:

  • Local child-focused organizations and programs
  • Measurable impact and quantifiable outcomes
  • Event or specific programming activity
  • Partnership abilities for brand exposure