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Mother’s Rings: The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for Mom

In the market for a Mother’s Day present or a gift for Mom for her birthday or Christmas? Mother’s rings make a beautiful and heartfelt gift for any mother figure in your life. For many mothers and grandmothers, a mother’s ring is a wonderful way to honor and recognize each of their children or other special people in their lives. 

What is a mother’s ring?

A mother’s ring is a symbolic piece of jewelry that represents a mother’s family and her love for her family. A mother’s ring contains gemstones that represent the birth month of their children or grandchildren. Occasionally the wearer’s birthstone is included or that of the wearer’s mother. As the tradition has evolved, some mothers even add birthstones for their spouses or other significant people in their lives, more commonly referred to as family rings.

What stones go in a mother’s ring? 

Traditional mother’s rings contain single or multiple birthstones in round, square or oval shapes. Some people also choose to have names engraved inside the ring for added customization. When selecting a custom mother’s ring, the birthstones can be set according to age or color preference. Preset birthstone rings can still contain a variety of birthstones or represent a single child or children born in the same month, such as twins.

There is a corresponding birthstone for each month of the year, and some months may have multiple birthstones to choose from. Some of the most popular birthstones for each month are as follows: 

How to wear a mother’s ring? 

Traditionally, a mother’s ring is worn on the right-hand ring finger. With the increasing popularity of the jewelry layering and stacking trend, many moms choose to stack their mother’s rings, with one ring representing each child, rather than having a single ring with multiple birthstones. Ultimately, how one chooses to wear their mother’s rings is a personal preference and should come down to how they are most comfortable. 

mothers ring stack

If you need help picking out a mother’s ring for the mother figure in your life, one of our jewelry experts would be happy to assist you. Stop into our store or text or call 402.391.0400 during store hours to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates.