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ARESA New York

ARESA offers a collection of innovative fine jewelry that maximizes brilliance through minimalist design, made entirely by hand in New York City. Their signature bezel-less construction emphasizes the sparkle of each diamond or gemstone, drawing strength through simplicity and versatility. ARESA diamond jewelry can be freely arranged to create one-of-a-kind formations that reflect the shine and joie de vivre of the woman who wears it. 
Aresa Diamond Fringe Quintet Necklace in White Gold 3DINW1149 0.00 Grace your neckline with this stunning 18k white gold diamond fringe necklace, featuring a "quintet" of 5 round diamonds weighing 0.79cttw.  Aresa
Aresa Diamond Chain Twisted Marquise Open Dangle Earrings in Yellow Gold 3DIEY1346 0.00 Shunning conventional style, these eye-catching dangle earrings feature an open twisted marquise silhouette formed of 18K yellow gold, adorned with 7 round diamonds each joined by fine white gold links. Aresa
Aresa Lovelace Diamond Fringe Necklace in Rose Gold, 1.50 cttw, 19" 3DI000608 0.00 Dot your neckline with stars. The Lovelace diamond fringe necklace from Aresa New York features dainty trios of diamond drops and diamonds joined to the delicate 18K recycled rose gold chain. Aresa diamonds are genuine refurbished, conflict-free and eco-friendly. Aresa
Aresa Hadid Solitaire Round Diamond Necklace in Yellow Gold, 18" 3DI000611 0.00 This elegant and essential necklace from Aresa New York features a single round .30 ct diamond; a dainty punctuation of light. The 18" necklace is crafted in 18K recycled yellow gold. Named for Zaha Hadid, an influential architect known for her radical deconstructivist designs, Hadid was the first woman to be awarded the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize. Aresa
Aresa Marquise Diamond Solitaire Necklace in Yellow Gold, 18" 3DI000619 0.00 This dainty marquise diamond solitaire necklace from Aresa makes for a breathtaking gift; a signature piece perfect for daily wear that can layer beautifully with other necklaces. Fashioned in 18K yellow gold, the 18" chain holds a single .70 ct round diamond. Aresa
Aresa Dancing Diamond Fringe Circle Dangle Earrings in White Gold 3DIEW2618 0.00 Casual elegance turns these dancing diamond fringe circle dangle earrings into a perfect choice for everyday wear. Impress with a large hoop design in 18K white gold with 20 round earrings totaling 1.41 cttw sparkling as they hang in charming fashion. Aresa
Aresa Diamond Horseshoe Leverback Dangle Earrings in Yellow Gold 3DIEY1342 0.00 With a fun horseshoe silhouette, these 18K yellow gold leverback dangle earrings capture attention. Create an enticing look with these earrings featuring asymmetrical dangling chains with 0.60 cttw in sparkling round diamonds. Aresa
Aresa Graduated Round Diamond Dangle Earrings in White Gold 3DI000629 0.00 Entrance with every sway of these stunning diamond dangle earrings by Aresa, featuring a scintillating stack of graduated round diamonds. Each glittering round diamond is linked together by a cool tone white gold, allowing the cascading diamond earrings to take center stage. Aresa
Aresa Beauvoir Diamond Dangle Huggie Earrings in White Gold 3DI000620 0.00 Crafted in recycled 18K white gold, the Beauvoir huggie hoops feature diamond pave fronts and dancing diamond dangles; minimal style for maximum impact. The Beauvoir earrings are named after Simone de Beauvoir, an iconoclastic intellectual, existentialist philosopher, political activist, and social theorist. "One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman." - Simone de Beauvoir Aresa
Aresa Diamond Fringe Pear Shaped Dangle Earrings in Yellow Gold 3DI001581 0.00 Designed by Aresa, these magnificent diamond fringe dangle earrings offer a bohemian contemporary statement piece that is sure to turn heads. Each elegant and open yellow gold pear shaped silhouette offers a bright and warm color palette that sets off the series of round diamond drops along the curved bottom edges. Aresa
Aresa Mixed Shape Diamond Vertical Quintet Pendant in Yellow Gold, 18" 3DI001593 0.00 Perfect for a plunge neckline on a gown or blouse, this diamond vertical quintet pendant by Aresa offers a contemporary yet classy silhouette. Suspended on a slim yellow gold chain is a stack of five mixed shape diamonds of various classically designed cuts. Aresa
Aresa Round Diamond Drop Swirl Twist Earrings in Yellow Gold 3DI001595 0.00 These graceful sweeping diamond drop earrings by Aresa create an eye-catching artistic modern flair. Slim yellow gold bands twist from post studs to the tips, appointed by sparkling round solitaire diamonds that accent and dazzle the senses. Aresa
Aresa Graduated Round Diamond 10 Stone Lariat Pendant in Yellow Gold, 18" 3DI001987 0.00 Accessorize a deep cut neckline or blouse with this stunning diamond lariat pendant by Aresa. Suspended by a slim yellow gold chain necklace is a series of 10 graduated round diamonds that taper downward in an elegant fashion, creating a lariat-inspired necklace for a dramatic, bold modern aesthetic. Aresa
Aresa Mixed Shape Diamond Double Drop Dangle Earrings in Yellow Gold 3DI001988 0.00 Elevate your ensembles with these wonderfully chic diamond double drop earrings by Aresa, featuring a stunning array of mixed shape diamonds. Slim polished yellow gold posts create the upper half of these magnificent earrings, with two sparkling diamond drops that offer glimmer with each step. Aresa
Aresa Diamond Fringe Double Circle Dangle Earrings in Yellow Gold 3DI001992 0.00 Create a bohemian-inspired contemporary glam look with this pair of diamond double circle dangle earrings by Aresa. Two sets of joined yellow gold double circles in graduated sizes are lined in sparkling diamond fringe bottom edges, matched by the glittering channel set diamonds in the huggie clasp. Aresa
Aresa Round & Pear Shaped Diamond Fringe Quintet Necklace in Yellow Gold, 18" 3DI003566 0.00 Add mesmerizing sparkle to cocktail dresses and eveningwear with this gorgeous diamond fringe necklace by Aresa. Along a slim yellow gold chain necklace are five pear shaped diamonds dangling from round diamonds, adding a stunning scintillation to the neckline. Aresa
Aresa Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant in White Gold, 0.30 cttw, 18" 3DI003567 0.00 A classic emerald cut diamond solitaire necklace by Aresa offers an elegantly understated touch to your wardrobe. Held at two ends by a slim white gold chain necklace, this breathtaking and classy emerald cut diamond gives a nod to an old-world vintage feel but with a modern aesthetic. Aresa
Aresa Diamond Fringe Double Strand Necklace in Yellow Gold, 18" 3DI003869 0.00 Create a layered look instantly with this glamorous boho-inspired diamond fringe double strand necklace by Aresa. Two slim yellow gold strands cascade, peppered here and there with delicately glittering diamond drops that subtle twinkle beneath blouses and over evening wear. Aresa
Aresa Trillion Diamond Pendant in White Gold, 0.43 cttw, 18" 3DI003871 0.00 Aresa brings you this magnificent contemporary trillion diamond pendant necklace for modern leaning tastes. A gorgeous trillion cut diamond suspends from a slender white gold chain necklace, offering a chic classy aesthetic. Aresa
Aresa Round & Emerald Cut Diamond Dangle Earrings in White Gold 3DI003873 0.00 Classical elements offer a timeless touch to these contemporary emerald cut diamond dangle earrings by Aresa. Slim white gold posts suspend strands of sparkling emerald cut diamonds ending in single round diamonds for a traditional final touch. Aresa