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Hamilton American Classic Watches

Going back to their roots the American Classic collection is versatile while representing Hamilton’s American heritage.  Vintage vibes and a heralded heritage combine, offering classic American style in wear anywhere watches.
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Hamilton American Classic Ventura Elvis80 Auto 42x44mm Men's Watch 1HMLN0219 0.00 Dressed in an ultra-modern outfit, the Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 is full of energy to pay tribute to Elvis Presley, who would have turned 80 on January 8, 2015. The iconic Ventura, with its striking, shield-shaped case, co-starred with the king of rock and roll in the 1961 movie “Blue Hawaii”. The 2015 interpretation of what commonly became known as “the Elvis watch” has mastered major technical and material challenges to enter a new design era. Confirming the focus on the future, the automatic model is powered by Hamilton’s own H-10 movement, integrating a power reserve of 80 hours.  Hamilton
Hamilton American Classic Railroad Auto Chrono 44mm Men's Watch 1HMLN0178 0.00 The case of the RailRoad Auto Chrono, with its rounded shape, vertical brushing and tapered pusher protectors, transports the imagination directly to the times of pocket watches. Against either a black or slate grey background, a tachymeter in contrasting chestnut-brown or blue respectively, travels outwards from the dial’s center. Hamilton
Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic 38mm Men's Watch 1HMLN0281 0.00 The warm accents and smoked elements of the new Hamilton Intra-Matic make for a masculine, vintage-look American Classic. The Intra-Matic draws on Hamilton’s rich history for this timepiece, which mixes modern touches with genuine vintage detailing from Hamilton’s American Classic collection.  Hamilton
Hamilton American Classic Watch, Intra-Matic Auto Chrono 1HMLN0300 0.00 The Hamilton Intra-Matic Auto Chrono is a modern reworking of a 1968 signature piece that offers a sporty but classic look. Combining authentic 60s appeal with the exclusive H-31 automatic movement, its distinctive panda dial is a guaranteed eye-catcher. Hamilton
Hamilton American Classic Spirit of Liberty Watch 1HMLN0315 0.00 Inspired by Andrew Hamilton, an eighteenth-century campaigner for freedom of speech and owner of the site of the original Hamilton watch factory in Pennsylvania, these timepieces build a strong bridge from history to today. The H-21 chronograph movement, with a typical power reserve of 60 hours, propels this timepiece into the 21st century while the leather straps carrying the inscription "Without liberty, life is a misery" reference Hamilton's rich heritage. Hamilton