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Nomos Watches

Founded by Roland Schwertner in 1990, today NOMOS Glashütte is the largest manufacturer of mechanical timepieces in Germany. NOMOS exclusively develops and produces its own movements; making every watch in-house, on site in Glashutte and nearly everything by hand.
Nomos Glashutte Tangomat Datum 38mm Men's Watch 1NOMS0005 0.00 <p>Design classic with a kick: The NOMOS Glashutte Tangomat Datum watch transcends the divide between the finest form and elegant mechanics, is simple and straightforward, but rather complicated on the inside. With an extra large date indicator, this automatic watch is also perfect for all those who suffer from chronic forgetfulness, seldom remember to wind their watches, and who lose track of the days. The automatic caliber Zeta inside ensures exquisite winding and rate accuracy. </p> <p>NOMOS caliber ζ (Zeta) - NOMOS’ automatic caliber is enhanced further with a patented date mechanism. Zeta promises excellent winding performance and a meticulous rate, while featuring all the typical Glashütte characteristics: such as perlage and the three-quarter plate, to name just two. </p> Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Glashutte Stainless Steel Sundial Pendant 1NOMO0002 0.00 <p>The lowest-priced NOMOS caliber from Glashütte: You can wear the beautiful stainless steel&nbsp;sundial pendant ring (Ø 19 mm) either on your finger or with a leather string around your neck. What time is it? Set the correct date in the middle ring on the hole, then turn it towards the sun so that light falls onto the hole. A ray of light on the inside of the sundial ring will show the time.</p> <p>- Sundial ring from stainless steel, with laser-cut time and month markers. </p> <p>- 19 mm diameter. </p> <p>- Goat leather cord, black.</p> Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Glashutte Tetra Neomatik 39mm Watch, Silvercut Dial 1NOMS0033 0.00 One of Nomos' most striking watches: the square NOMOS classic with a proud diagonal diameter of 46 millimeters, an ultra-thin and highly precise automatic caliber, and a coolly elegant dial in polished silver-gray. At only 7.2 millimeters in height (which is almost incredibly for an automatic watch of this precision), Tetra silvercut also fits comfortably under a cuff. Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Glashutte Autobahn Neomatik 41 Date Sports Gray Watch 1NOMS0037 0.00 Dashing: The racing model of the three Autobahn versions, featuring blue on a gray background and neon orange hands. A confident, distinct watchwith a slender bezel, eye-catching crown, and striking dial. Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Glashutte Tangente Neomatic 41 Update 40.5mm Watch, White Dial 1NOMS0043 0.00 Only at NOMOS Glashutte: Tangente Update features a date ring with two red markers framing the current date. Ticking inside is the highly innovative automatic caliber DUW 6101-the first neomatik movement with a date function. Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Glashutte Tetra 27.5mm Watch, White Dial 1NOMS0047 0.00 Tetra is a 'shape watch'- a timepiece with a non-round case, in other words. Unlike Tangente, its numberals do not feature serifs, creating a more modern feel. The lugs are almost delicate-and that's why they are doubled on both sides. Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Glashuttle Orion Neomatik Watch, Olive Gold Dial 1NOMS0050 0.00 The iconic NOMOS models Tangente, Ludwig, and Orion were recently upgraded with an entirely new caliber with a date function—a long-awaited update. Now, Orion is available in olive gold: a subdued shade of green with a touch of fall’s golden warmth, all year round. Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Tangente 38mm Watch, Midnight Black and Blue Dial 1NOMS0053 0.00 Dress code: elegant. The classic NOMOS model Tangente is now available in two hand-wound versions with dials in a festive hue. Silver accents add seasonal sparkle to Tangente 38 midnight blue. An elegant contrast: the dark velour leather strap. Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Tetra Divine Spark 29.5mm Watch 1NOMS0055 0.00 Ticking in beautiful harmony: the Tetra models in the new Symphony series. The name Tetra Divine Spark is inspired by the opening verse of the “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. And it brings a spark to the wrist: The dial of this hand-wound timepiece sets the tone with a shade of copper, against which the hands shine in gold. Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan Remborde Black 18mm Strap, Small 1WSNM0013 0.00 Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan is one of the world’s best leathers: It is thick, smooth, and resistant—and thus makes NOMOS watchstraps particularly long-lasting. For this fine remborde model, the upper and lining leather are not only stitched but also joined together seamlessly. Please note that these straps are delivered without the stainless steel winged clasp designed exclusively for them. These can be ordered separately here. Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Tangente Sport Neomatik Date 42mm Watch, Marine Black Dial 1NOMS0068 0.00 Tangente Sport—here in the version with a marine black dial—is more robust than any previous NOMOS watch. The neomatik date caliber, DUW 6101, is protected against knocks, blows, and leaks by an extra-robust case, sealing, and sapphire crystal glass. The brand-new bracelet, handcrafted from stainless steel and featuring an elegant deployant clasp, is the perfect finishing touch. Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Glashuttle Tangente 33mm Champagne Watch 1NOMS0070 0.00 As straightforward and refined as ever, now with a special shine: Tangente 33 champagne. 33 denotes the diameter size, which is somewhat smaller; champagne is Nomos's name for the color of the dial, which is borrowed from the tone of the (larger) neomatik watch models. But within this watch ticks manual caliber Alpha: highly precise, highly praised, and yet understated and slender. Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Glashuttle Tetra Immortal Beloved 29.5mm Watch, Turquoise Dial 1NOMS0072 0.00 Beethoven promised love and fidelity to his “Immortal Beloved” in a now-famous letter from 1812. To whom exactly he was writing remains a mystery to this day. But here’s something we know for certain: With its turquoise dial and golden hands, Tetra Immortal Beloved in the new Symphony series from NOMOS can make any heart sing. Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Glashuette Orion 33mm Watch, Gold Plated Dial 1NOMS0073 0.00 Pairing down to leave only what is essential does not negate balanced perfection. But even that which is already perfect may be polished and gold-plated to shine a little more, like the Orion 33 gold. Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Glashuette Orion 38mm Watch, Silver Plated Dial 1NOMS0074 0.00 Minimal yet harmonious. There really is nothing to improve in this model. Even so, the hands and the facetted indices of the Orion 38 silver now have a hint of gold. Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Glashuette Tagente 33mm Watch, White and Black Dial 1NOMS0077 0.00 The iconic NOMOS for more delicate wrists—and big feelings in a small space. At just 33 millimeters in diameter, this Tangente model combines clear lines, right angles, and the finest proportions. Presented through the sapphire crystal glass back is the manually-wound NOMOS Alpha caliber, while the finishing touch to this watch is a fine beige velour leather strap. Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Glashutte Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan Black Strap, 18mm 1WSNM0002 0.00 NOMOS Glashutte's standard strap: The classic from Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan, one of the finest leathers in the world - durable and quite comfortable. Tanned in Chicago, the exclusive watchstraps for NOMOS Glashütte are made from a small area on a horses’ back. Smooth, thick, and almost indestructible, it accommodates itself to every watch and wearer. Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Glashutte Ludwig 35mm Watch, White and Black Dial 1NOMS0081 0.00 Smart and subtle: Ludwig is the secret Wunderkind of the NOMOS collection. But despite its obvious academic credentials and command of Latin, this watch remains appealing and understated—as well as so slender that it will steal the heart of those with even the finest aesthetic sensibilities. Visible within though the sapphire crystal glass back: the hand-wound Alpha caliber, crafted in Glashütte. Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Glashutte Velour Leather Beige Strap, 18mm 1STBR0287 0.00 This fine velour leather strap from calfskin flatters particularly delicate wrists and lets smaller watches appear even finer. In a subtle beige, it suits almost every model and lets the watch discretely take pride of place. The colors of NOMOs' velour leather straps may vary slightly. This is not a quality defect; rather it underlines the fact that they are made from a naturally derived product. The velour leather is also easy to take care of. You can comb it with a suede brush, as you do with your shoes or your jacket, until it is clean again. Nomos Glashuette
Nomos Glashuette Tetra Divine Spark 40.5mm Watch, Copper Dial 1NOMS0090 0.00 Ticking in beautiful harmony: the Tetra models in the new Symphony series. The name Tetra Divine Spark is inspired by the opening verse of the “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. And it brings a spark to the wrist: The dial of this hand-wound timepiece sets the tone with a shade of copper, against which the hands shine in gold. 18mm strap. Nomos Glashuette